Circle-ups made simple for capital markets attorneys.

Creating circle-ups for comfort letters and other transaction documents is time-consuming, frustrating and error-prone. Our software makes creating circle-ups simple and efficient, all while improving accuracy.

Everything you need to manage circle-ups.

Signed Off provides a collaborative workflow for creating and updating circle-ups.

Review relevant documents using our custom document view, which highlights numbers, tables, relevant facts, etc.

Simplify circle-ups for all relevant documents.

Our software provides the ability to create circle-ups and markup for multiple documents at once.

Comfort Letters

Add financial information to comfort letter circle-ups effortlessly.

Signed Off identifies financial information and adds it to the comfort letter circle-up automatically.

CFO Certificates

Add information for additional documents while creating the circle-up.

Numbers, tables and other relevant information can be added to additional documents, preventing the need to review documents multiple times.

Fact Backup

Highlight sentences for fact backup.

Signed Off also identifies factual claims that may require backup.

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  • Review public documents
  • Create circle-ups for comfort letters and CFO certificates
  • Create fact backup
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